Paul and the Mosaic Law

Paul and the Mosaic Law
Pages: 374
ISBN10: 0802844995
Published: November 16th 2000 by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780802844996
Genre: Religion
Language English
Author: James D.G. Dunn
Goodreads Rating: 3.71

This volume explores the perennial debate over Paul's understanding of and attitude toward the Mosaic Law. Sixteen outstanding international scholars examine the key passages in the letters of Paul that deal with the Jewish law. Their work not only provides a clearer view of the issues involved but also shows the range of interpretive approaches now being used in this important area of study. Contributors: John M. G. Barclay Stephen C. Barton James D. G. Dunn Richard B.

Hays Martin Hengel Otfried Hofius Hans HUbner Karl Kertelge Jan Lambrecht Hermann Lichtenberger Bruce W. Longenecker Heikki RAisAnen Graham Stanton Peter J. Tomson Stephen Westerholm N. T. Wright

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