Mozart's Journey to Prague

Mozart's Journey to Prague
Pages: 120
ISBN10: 0141023481
Published: February 28th 2006 by Penguin Classic
ISBN13: 9780141023489
Genre: Fiction
Language English
Author: Eduard Mörike
Goodreads Rating: 3.15

Mozart is creative, brilliant and charming. But is he also a thief? Making his way to Prague for the opening of Don Giovanni, the great composer playfully tries to steal an orange from a Bohemian family's garden. But no sooner has he taken the fruit than he is caught by a furious gardener. Desperate to escape, Mozart frantically scrawls an apologetic note to the owners of the tree.

Soon, he finds himself not only forgiven but welcomed by a family who have adored the beauty of his music and are stunned to find the celebrity wandering lost in their orangery. And when they reveal it is their daughter's wedding, there can only be one guest of honour: the musical genius Amadeus.

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