Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice Of The Unborn

Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice Of The Unborn
Pages: 148
ISBN10: 1462063713
Published: November 23rd 2011 by iUniverse
ISBN13: 9781462063710
Genre: Religion
Language English
Author: Pearl Robinson
Goodreads Rating: 2.93

Like many teenage girls, Tracey cannot wait until she turns sixteen. She will finally be able to date, something most teenage girls eagerly anticipate. Before long, she begins to date Troy-and that is when her life changes. In Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice of the Unborn, author Pearl Robinson tells Tracey's story. Before she turns sixteen, Tracey talks to her parents about everything and never lies to them.

But when she turns sixteen and start dating, Tracey begins to lie to her parents. She starts skipping school to be with Troy, who eventually pressures her to have sex with him. And when Tracey finds out she is pregnant, she is left with a life-changing question: should she keep her baby or have an abortion? Robinson takes readers through Tracey's decision process and the changing relationship with her parents and friends.

They will also learn how important it is to consider the consequences before doing something it seems "everyone else" is doing. Although Mommy, Please Let Me Live is fiction, Robinson tells a story with which many teens are familiar. Tracey's story includes pain and desperation, but also one of hope.

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