Pages: 185
Published: May 9th 2016 by MissionDevelopment.com
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Language English
Author: Andy King
Goodreads Rating: 3.70

It can’t happen.

The campaign for the next President is suspected of murdering one of its own. Worse, a campaign insider is plotting to assassinate the Candidate. Agent Annie McCarthy investigates the murder and uncovers the bold plot.

Can she stop it in time? When young secret Service agent, Annie McCarthy, discovers the person she's been assigned to protect murdered, she vows to run her own investigation. Failing to make progress and under the threat of arrest, Annie discovers an audacious plot to assassinate the Candidate.

With time gone, Annie has to get help from a most unlikely source to save the nation’s honor. Or is it too late? MEET ANNIE McCARTHY: A stunning, raven-haired martial arts expert, Annie was raised in the United States Secret Service. Her father killed in the line of duty, all Annie has ever wanted is to serve on a Presidential protection detail. After her heroic actions preventing a nuclear terrorism event, Annie finally gets her wish, guarding the woman most likely to take the highest office. But things aren’t what they seem. When Annie loses her new friend, the campaign’s computer genie, she starts down a path that becomes darker and darker, and has to make a choice: duty or honor? Interview The following interview with the author was conducted in May, 2016. Q – It seems as though this book follows the Control Series. A – That’s a question, right? Control ends with Annie having saved thousands of lives.

She had a lot of help, but she’s the hero. Even though bureaucracy takes its time, she gets her wish, serving on a Presidential detail, sort of. Q – And the book is set in the present? A – Yes, right now. It takes place over a few days before the party conventions. Q – How did you get the idea? A – Another what-if. I love ‘em. (Laughs) What if the Candidate is threatened by the people sworn to protect her? Q – A conspiracy combined with a murder mystery, right? A – Right. I’m not giving away how it all works, but the book opens with a terrorist confrontation, graduates to a devastating media problem for the campaign, then the main issue. Q – It sounds like it moves fast. A – Faster than anything I’ve written, so far. Q - Why should readers give this book a try? A – I love reading mysteries, private detective and political thrillers, and combining those genres in one book. Hopefully anyone who reads it will, too. It’s a crime thriller that leave you wrung out and satisfied.

And of course the heroine pays a life-changing price. Add a little helping of romance, and you’ve got a plot that twists and turns all the way to the end. Q – Are there prequels or sequels available? A – Yes, Annie McCarthy stars in the novels Illusion and The Greatest Game, Control and the Control Series. Please see my author page for those books. Q – Anything you would like to add? A – Thanks for reading! Gone eBook Categories: - Mystery Series - Crime Thrillers - Women Detective Novels - Spies and Politics - Conspiracies - Thrillers and Suspense - Political Thrillers - Technothrillers

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